Andrew Roth

2016 PhD Graduate

Interfaces of Malignant and Immunologic Clonal Dynamics in Ovarian Cancer.

ReMixT: clone-specific genomic structure estimation in cancer.

E-scape: interactive visualization of single-cell phylogenetics and cancer evolution.

ddClone: joint statistical inference of clonal populations from single cell and bulk tumour sequencing data.

Histological Transformation and Progression in Follicular Lymphoma: A Clonal Evolution Study.

Clonal genotype and population structure inference from single-cell tumor sequencing.

Divergent modes of clonal spread and intraperitoneal mixing in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.

Divergent clonal selection dominates medulloblastoma at recurrence.

Dynamics of genomic clones in breast cancer patient xenografts at single-cell resolution.

TITAN: inference of copy number architectures in clonal cell populations from tumor whole-genome sequence data.

Mutational context and diverse clonal development in early and late bladder cancer.

PyClone: statistical inference of clonal population structure in cancer.

Distinct evolutionary trajectories of primary high-grade serous ovarian cancers revealed through spatial mutational profiling.

Mutational and structural analysis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma using whole-genome sequencing.

Integrative analysis of genome-wide loss of heterozygosity and monoallelic expression at nucleotide resolution reveals disrupted pathways in triple-negative breast cancer.

The clonal and mutational evolution spectrum of primary triple-negative breast cancers.

JointSNVMix: a probabilistic model for accurate detection of somatic mutations in normal/tumour paired next-generation sequencing data.

Recurrent somatic DICER1 mutations in nonepithelial ovarian cancers.

Feature-based classifiers for somatic mutation detection in tumour-normal paired sequencing data.