Ulysses - an application for the projection of molecular interactions across species.

Danielle Kemmer, Yong Huang, Sohrab P Shah, Jonathan Lim, Jochen Brumm, Macaire M S Yuen, John Ling, Tao Xu, Wyeth W Wasserman, B F Francis Ouellette, Genome biology 6, R106 (2005)
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We developed Ulysses as a user-oriented system that uses a process called Interolog Analysis for the parallel analysis and display of protein interactions detected in various species. Ulysses was designed to perform such Interolog Analysis by the projection of model organism interaction data onto homologous human proteins, and thus serves as an accelerator for the analysis of uncharacterized human proteins. The relevance of projections was assessed and validated against published reference collections. All source code is freely available, and the Ulysses system can be accessed via a web interface http://www.cisreg.ca/ulysses.